A Slack More Brutalist

A Slack app that mirrors posts from /r/brutalism to a #channel of your choosing using incoming webhooks.

How it Works

After granting Brutalismbot permission to post to a #channel on your Slack workspace, Brutalismbot will save a copy of the incoming webhook URL to which it will publish posts.

Every hour Brutalismbot requests posts from Reddit's REST API at /r/brutalism/new.json.

New image posts that haven't been seen before are saved, transformed into Slack messages using Block Kit, and published to your #channel via the incoming webhook URL.


Problems with Brutalismbot? Send me an email at

For faster results, you can always file an issue or view the source code on GitHub.

Privacy Policy

Last updated March 29th, 2019

This app will never collect, sell, or otherwise divulge personal information.
The only data stored is that which is required to post messages to your workspace.